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Local Pride

Nitsches is a family owned fresh meat market, also known as Die Metzgerei, specializing in Artisanal Butchery. With over 40+ years experience in the field, utilizing hanging cattle that is hand cut daily and easily customizable to your needs.  We are set apart from others with our expertise and service oriented staff.


Shopping at your trusted local butcher is beneficial for many reasons, including the following:
•    In most cases, meat from a local butcher is sourced locally from farmers in your community rather than from factory farms.
•    Fewer chemicals are generally used in locally sourced meat.
•    Animals on small farms are generally treated more humanely than those on larger operations.
•    Shopping here supports your local economy.


When you find a trusted butcher, your meals will taste better than ever before. This is not only because the quality of meat will be better than you’re used to with a chain grocery store, but also because your butcher knows which cuts work best for which cooking method, so you’ll get great results with every meal.

Green Salad

Traditional steakhouse,
exceptional service

Serving the finest cuts of meat

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Imported Grocery, 


Sauces and Marinades, Ect. 



Something To Chew On

**Shopping Local**
The average bite of food in the United States travels 1,300 miles before it is consumed, according to the Food Awareness Project. Decrease the distance (and the enviornmental toll) by supporting local farms and small businesses that support those farms.



**Eating Grass Fed**

You may also reduce your carbon footprint by opting for grass-fed beef. Since the animals graze on foliage, there's no need to grow or transport additional hay. Studies also show that grass-fed beef may be better for your health, packing twice as much omega-3s per serving as grain -fed beef.

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