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Feel the effect of good food
​But its not just meat,

we also have

Butter lambs (while they last), our Homemade Sweetbreads


As you make your dinner plans, remember to call in your order for a ham.
Easter is April 9th, 2023
 and Nitsches is taking orders for your Easter Meal
Dearborn Hams available: 
​Classic Hams (no slice, no glaze)
Boneless Sliced and Glazed Hams
Bone-In Spiral Sliced Hams
Also available:

Leg of Lamb

Prime Rib

Beef Tenderloin,
Crown Pork Roasts

and more.....

Something To Chew On

**Shopping Local**

Shopping at a Nitsches has many advantages. Not only can you find high-quality, fresh meat that is often sourced locally, but you also have the opportunity to build a relationship with your butcher and receive personalized recommendations for your cooking needs. Local butchers take pride in their craft and are often more knowledgeable about the products they sell than the staff at large grocery stores. Additionally, buying from Nitsches supports small businesses in your community and helps to promote sustainable and ethical farming practices. So next time you're in the market for meat, consider visiting Nitsches for a more personal and rewarding shopping experience.


**Eating Grass Fed**

You may also reduce your carbon footprint by opting for grass-fed beef. Since the animals graze on foliage, there's no need to grow or transport additional hay. Studies also show that grass-fed beef may be better for your health, packing twice as much omega-3s per serving as grain -fed beef.

About Us

Find out about us, our hours, and what makes us the best.  Plus, see our local commercial.

Grass Fed Beef

The best, natural, and Michigan raised beef around.  We are local market for natural dinner supplies

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