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Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup (17.5 oz)

Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup (17.5 oz)


Craving a flavor explosion? Look no further than Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup (17.5 oz)! This iconic German condiment packs a spicy punch while delivering a delicious balance of sweet, tangy, and savory flavors. Made with a unique blend of over a dozen spices and a touch of chili powder, Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup elevates your favorite dishes from ordinary to extraordinary.


More than just a hot ketchup! Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup is a versatile ingredient that can be used in countless ways. Elevate your grilling! Spread it on your next burger or bratwurst for a juicy and flavorful experience with a kick. Level up your fries! Use Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup as a dipping sauce for an exciting flavor twist. Get creative! Add a splash of curry ketchup to soups, stews, or marinades for a unique and spicy depth.


Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup makes weeknight meals exciting for busy families! The convenient 17.5 oz bottle is perfectly sized for your family's needs and resealable to keep the flavor fresh. No more searching for multiple condiments - Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup is all you need to add a burst of flavor and heat to your favorite dishes.


Why Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup (17.5 oz) is perfect for busy families:

  • SPICY FLAVOR KICK!: Transform hot dogs, sausages, fries, and more with a delicious and spicy ketchup. ️
  • VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Use it on burgers, as a dip, or get creative in your cooking!
  • AUTHENTIC GERMAN FLAVOR: Experience the taste of a beloved German condiment with a spicy twist. 🇩🇪
  • CONVENIENT & RESEALABLE: The 17.5 oz bottle is perfectly sized and keeps the ketchup fresh.
  • GLUTEN-FREE & KOSHER: A delicious option for families with dietary restrictions.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Support a brand with a rich heritage of quality and flavor.
  • #1 GERMAN CURRY KETCHUP: Indulge in the taste of Germany's favorite hot curry ketchup brand.


Indulge in the exciting world of German flavor with Zeisner Curry Hot Ketchup! The perfect way to add a quick and easy kick to your busy weeknight meals!


Ingredients: Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Spices (including Mustard Seeds, Celery Seeds, Curry Powder, Chili Powder), Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Flavoring, Food Coloring (Caramel), Potassium Sorbate (as Preservative).

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