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Breitsamer Golden Selection Pure Raw Honey - 35.2 oz Jar

Breitsamer Golden Selection Pure Raw Honey - 35.2 oz Jar


Indulge in a taste of pure German luxury with Breitsamer Golden Selection Pure Raw Honey, a larger-sized jar perfect for honey enthusiasts and families. Crafted from the nectar of sun-kissed blossoms, this raw honey delivers a smooth, floral aroma and a rich, mellow flavor that elevates everyday meals and beverages.

Product Description:

  • Larger size, exceptional value: This 35.2 oz jar offers a generous supply of premium honey, ideal for families, baking enthusiasts, or those who simply love honey.
  • 100% pure and raw: Sourced from select honeycombs in Germany, this honey undergoes minimal processing to preserve its natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health benefits.
  • Fair trade certified: Breitsamer Golden Selection Honey supports ethical beekeeping practices and sustainable honey production.
  • Rich and versatile: Enjoy this honey on toast, yogurt, or as a natural sweetener in tea, coffee, and baked goods. Its smooth texture and delicate sweetness complement a variety of dishes.
  • Unfiltered goodness: Experience the full, natural flavor and aroma of raw honey, unrefined for an authentic taste sensation.


  • 100% Pure Raw Honey

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