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The "Original"
Nitsches started back in the Mid 70's in the same locale it is now.  We have grown over the years in both expertise and quality.  Barb and Ken Kiel bought the market from the original owners in 1989 and continue to serve customers with respect and integrity.
We carry a full line of deli, butcher, and bakery items for any occasion.  Our products include free range Amish Chickens, choice beef cuts, and premium deli brands.  Our bakery is made fresh daily, and our breads are locally made.

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

See Us in Action
Click the following video to see Nitsches Meats and Deli commercial that aired on local cable channels.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Something To Chew On

**Shopping Local**
The average bite of food in the United States travels 1,300 miles before it is consumed, according to the Food Awareness Project. Decrease the distance (and the enviornmental toll) by supporting local farms and small businesses that support those farms.

**Eating Grass Fed**

You may also reduce your carbon footprint by opting for grass-fed beef. Since the animals graze on foliage, there's no need to grow or transport additional hay. Studies also show that grass-fed beef may be better for your health, packing twice as much omega-3s per serving as grain -fed beef.

Supporting Local Products

Welcome to Nitsches Meats and Deli! We are a family-owned and operated retail food store that provides our community with high-quality meats and deli options. We have a wide range of products that are sure to satisfy every taste bud. Whether you’re looking for something pre-made or want to create your own unique meal, our team is here to help. At Nitsches Meats and Deli, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best. Come in and see us in action!


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